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8 Sign & Symptoms Of Diabetes In Men

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that affects the manner in which the body processes blood sugar. It is a chronic disease and cannot be cured. Our genes contribute a lot towards our susceptibility to suffering from diabetes but so does our lifestyle. Unhealthy food habits coupled with a sedentary routine can increase the odds of suffering from this disease.

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While anyone can get it irrespective of gender, age or social strata, the number of men suffering is higher. One has to seek immediate medical treatment for this disease as a delay in getting medical help might adversely affect your heart, eyes, blood vessels, nerves and kidneys. There are many early warning signs and symptoms of diabetes in men.

1.Excessive Thirst and Hunger

Since the level of blood sugar is high, it extracts fluids from the cells making the patient feel excessively thirsty. People suffering from diabetes feel hungry frequently because of the body’s inability to efficiently utilize blood sugar to be converted to energy. If you find yourself drinking gallons of water or gorging on food suddenly, talk to your doctor.

2.Frequent Urination

People who suffer from diabetes start using the washroom frequently. Excessive thirst leads to frequent urination. Most men suffer from broken sleep at night. Older patients may even experience bed-wetting. The body tries to expel the extra glucose in the blood through urine. That is another reason for frequent urination.

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If you have generally been feeling low key and suffering from tiredness and lethargy without any obvious reasons, you may have diabetes. Unexplained fatigue and listlessness are due to inefficient usage of energy. A glucose test will provide you with clarity so get one done immediately.

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4.Unexplained Weight Loss

Men suffering from diabetes undergo unexplained weight loss. The body is unable to use blood sugar to transform it into energy. This leads to sudden weight loss. If you have lost weight without any reason, please consult your doctor.

5.Skin Infections

Due to high sugar levels in the blood, men suffering from diabetes fall prey to skin infections very often. This could be genital itching or even thrush. The high sugar proves to be a perfect breeding ground for fungus which causes these infections

6.Vision Loss

Men suffering from diabetes suddenly experience blurred vision and general loss of eyesight. The high glucose levels in the body are harmful for most organs but the eyes are usually the first to suffer. Seek treatment immediately if you have a sudden dip in your eyesight.

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7.Slow-healing Wounds

Men who suffer from diabetes find that their cuts and wounds take forever to heal. High blood sugar reduces immunity and affects the body’s ability to heal itself. Since the situation can exacerbate gangrene and even amputation, if you have a wound that is not healing, seek expert medical guidance.

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8.Erectile Dysfunction

Men suffering from diabetes experience erectile dysfunction due to low blood circulation in the extremities like the pelvis area.

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Many factors contribute to or increase your chances for diabetes and its related complications, some of them include:

  • A sudden increase in weight
  • Excessive smoking
  • High blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • Avoiding physical activity
  • Age above 45 years


Quitting or reducing daily smoking, engaging in some amount of daily physical activity, maintaining a well-balanced diet and keeping a check on your weight are good measures to prevent the onset of diabetes. Keeping a constant check on your blood glucose level also helps in keeping diabetes levels in control. 

If you have a family history of diabetes and already have been diagnosed with borderline diabetes, certain changes in lifestyle can benefit your physical and mental well-being while also keeping your diabetes in check. Balancing your meals by putting in enough protein, vitamins and leafy vegetables will improve your bodily health. An even mixture of starch, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and protein comprises a good, balanced and well-made meal. 

Avoiding excess sugar, like carbonated drinks, fizzy sugary juices, sodas, candies and sweets is the key to keeping your diabetes level low. You can indulge in one or two sugary treats once in a while, however, consuming them in moderation is important.

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